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Did You Know Soaps Can Disrupt The Skin Barrier?

Most soaps have a pH between 7 being neutral and 10 being quite alkaline. Studies have shown that when you apply a pH that is not the same as the skin's pH of 4.5-5.5 it completely disrupts the acid mantle (protective layer of the skin, skin barrier). 

One application of bar soap, can disrupt your skin for over 6 hours leaving you at risk for increased bacterial colonization. If you are an acne prone skin, this will result in an increase of acne bacteria, making you break out. If you aren't acne prone, you are at risk for rashes and reactions. 

Continued usage increases the symptoms as the soap penetrates and deposits into the skin partly remaining there. Do you know the soap scum you get on your bath and shower? This is the exact same stuff that is stuck in your skin! All soaps are saponified, which means they leave a waxy residue on the skin. I don't recommend bar soaps on any skin regardless of the type. 

Proper Facial Cleansers Can Support The Skin Barrier!

Facial Cleansers need to be gentle, nourishing, and prevent TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss). Nothing's worse than the skin feeling tight or stripped. Whether they are a high lather (foamy) or an oil cleanser, there needs to be a proper ratio of ingredients to replenish, hydrate, and support the skin's barrier. Special blends of surfactants, AHA's, EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids), Amino Acids, Polar, and Nonpolar lipids are vital.

With that being said, what facial cleansers do I recommend. All of the Roccoco Botanicals cleansers are barrier supportive, so ALL of them! My all time favorite is Roccoco's Pore Cleansing Oil! I'm personally acne prone and extremely sensitive. I am also in love with Ruby Crystal Cleanser. It's more like a balm in consistency, it's perfect for any skin type. I've incorporated it into my skin care routine 2-3x per week. 

Contact me if you'd like a personalized skin care consultation. Remote, no problem! I do that too! We will delve into your current routine, nutrition, and lifestyle to see where we can tweak and make some changes to achieve your best skin! 

;) Lisa Sean 



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