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Facial Packages

All Facial Packages are designed to provide more effective results within a shorter more aggressive period of time. Many can be combined.   

Recommended Facial Packages and length of time for optimal results:

Microcurrent- minimum 4 weekly treatments

Nano-Channeling (Revita-Pen)- minimum 6-8 weekly/biweekly treatments

Dermal Lift- minimum 4 weekly treatments

Detoxification- minimum 4 weekly treatments

Ayurvedic Brightening- minimum 4 weekly treatments

Celluma Pro (LED)- minimum 2x per week for 5 weeks for acne, antiaging (collagen production)

Cryo T-Shock- Facelift, Artic-Blast, Red Carpet, Antiaging, Tissue Stimulation, Double Chin, Decollette, and Toning/Tightening facials, must be discussed during facial analysis. 

RF Facials- minimum 4 treatments every 3 weeks, then maintenance bi-monthly, or quarterly.


If this is your first service, please click here to complete a consultation form. Please send it to me prior to your service. Thank you!


Prices vary per package and will be discussed during the appointment.

% to be taken off if a package is paid in full.

All costs for services are rendered in the studio after the service is complete.