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Lash and Brow Tint Combo

Are you tired of spending time filling in your eyebrows and applying mascara every morning? Lash and brow tinting can shorten your morning routine and give you an extra boost of confidence that's also waterproof and long-lasting.

Lash and brow tinting is a super quick and simple treatment and makes a great add-on. The entire process typically takes around half an hour for both treatments and requires no downtime after your appointment.

I personally customize and blend your color to match and enhance your already beautiful features. The products used are safe and enriched with amino acids and collagen for healthy long-lasting results.

If this is your first service, please click here to complete a consultation form. Please send it to me prior to your service. Thank you!

30 min | $40

All costs for services are rendered in the studio after the service is complete.