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Body Mitt (for legs, arms, and belly) NOT FOR FACE

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  • SOFT & RADIANT SKIN: Upgrade your at-home skincare routine and take exfoliating to the next level with the MicrodermaMitt Body exfoliating mitt scrubbing glove. Visibly see your healthier-looking skin that feels exceptionally smooth using just water! Experience deep cleansing to remove dead skin cells, deeply clean your pores of impurities, scrub away dry skin, and stimulate blood flow.
  • TOUGH ON EXFOLIATING – GENTLE ON SKIN: MicrodermaMitt exfoliating mitt shower glove is a bath accessory must! Not only does it feel amazing and invigorating on your skin, but our 100% natural plant floss and proprietary weave deliver holistic and professional quality exfoliation without scratching, irritating, or damaging the skin like cheaper gloves on the market. You’ll quickly and thoroughly experience improved skin texture, fewer bumps, dry scaly patches, and ingrown hair.
  • QUICK & EFFECTIVE: After just a few minutes in the shower, our Mitts can help improve skin texture and conditions like keratosis pilaris, strawberry or chicken skin, ingrown hair, and cellulite. Unlike many other exfoliating tools, the MicrodermaMitt body scrubber glove is a natural and healthy replacement for scrubs, loofah, gloves, body brushes, sponges, and other exfoliants. Gentle, but thorough results.
  • AT-HOME SPA TREATMENT: Feel the difference as the mitt touches and grips your skin. Each exfoliating glove provides a luxury exfoliating at-home spa treatment. Enjoy the smoothest and softest skin you ever knew possible. Each mitt lasts 6+ months.
  • EXTEND THE LIFE OF SUNLESS TANNING: Our exfoliating scrubbing mitt effectively removes old tanner. For a long-lasting streak-free, smooth, and glowing tan with no dark spots, use our skin exfoliator for your Body to exfoliate before spray tanning or applying sunless tanning lotion or cream. It effectively removes old tanner.