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Erase Your Face Makeup Remover Cloths-Reusable-Washable-Lisa Sean Amazon Faves

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I hate it when I can't get my waterproof mascara off, don't you? I was given a more expensive brand of these magical cloths by a sweet friend for Christmas. But I found these more reasonably priced beauties.

No more worrying if my liquid makeup remover would irritate my sensitive skin or make me have a massive pimple or 2 or 3!! You simply wet this mighty yet oh-so-soft cloth, gently rub, and voila, your makeup is off. You can use them on your whole face, but YOU STILL HAVE TO CLEANSE PROPERLY AFTER, AS YOUR ESTHETICIAN I AM STERNLY ADVISING...LOL

Once you've used them just throw them in the washer and yes they can be thrown in the dryer too! Then use them again. No more cotton rounds, makeup remover, or waste.