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Jade Gua Sha Stone


  • If you've had a facial from me then you know how much I preach about lymphatic drainage. I love using my hands and a gua sha tool. This beautiful jade gua sha tool is the perfect size for effective and visible results. You also can't beat the affordable price and quality.
  • It's important to use the proper massage medium that won't wreak havoc on your skin's natural barrier function. I highly recommend purchasing Ruby Crystal Cleanser, Pore Cleansing Oil, or Soothing Cleansing Oil from my website. Each Cleanser is acne-safe, perfectly balanced to nourish the skin, and repair the barrier. 
  • BENEFITS OF GUASHA: It is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment, that helps to promote blood circulation, reduce puffiness, sculpt the jawline, nourish the skin, and relieve tension.