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Silicone Facial Scrubby

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If you are a family member, a friend, a remote client, or a spa client you know how much I rave about this little but mighty and very necessary cleansing device.

I call it the beloved egg, just because of the shape. It's the perfect shape to cleanse your face, especially the T-zone. It has multiple vibration speeds for comfort. It comes fully charged and rarely needs to be charged, which is a big plus.

The silicone material doesn't harbor bacteria, it's gentle and gets pores gloriously clean without bristles that cause unnecessary inflammation and aging.

It's great for any age, especially the littles who have decided not to wash their faces anymore and are showing signs of congested pores, aka puberty pimples.

It comes in multiple colors, just in case not everyone's favorite is pink...It's a perfect gift for holidays or birthday in addition to a Lisa Sean gift card and products to go with ;)