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ZitSticka Extra Strength Killa Acne Patches for Face with microdarts/Lisa Sean Amazon Faves

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As a client, you know how much I love the brand Zit Sticka. Yes, it's a bit more expensive than other pimple patches, but this is one of the cases where I choose quality over price. This particular product is designed with microdarts to penetrate the hated undergrouders or "blind pimples"! 

A medical-grade product that starts working within 2 hours on deep early-stage zits.

  • FIGHT ACNE WHILE NOURISHING YOUR SKIN: Infused with active levels of key ingredients, 2% Salicylic Acid, Peptides and Niacinamide, to attack the zit while soothing and nourishing the skin at the same time.